Robert Kubica takes BMW M4 on a Nurburgring outing


San Marino Blue BMW M4 Competition Convertible F83 33

Robert Kubica is a well-known name for BMW enthusiasts from the Bavarian’s stint in Formula 1. And even though it has been ages, once a Formula 1 driver, always a Formula 1 driver. The skills and reflexes don’t really go away that easy and the video below proves exactly that.

Kubica is actually competing in the DTM with his own team driving a BMW M4 DTM. But in this video, he’s seen behind an F82 BMW M4 going for a quick, literally quick, drive on the Nurburgring. According to Kubica, he only experienced this track in a simulator before so this is quite an interesting experience. And while this might be his first time here, the footage is simply mind-blowing.

2021 bmw m4 competition race track 38 830x554

You can see the car bending to his will in this footage. The tires are screeching, the whole chassis flexes and yet, it looks like a well-choreographed ballet play. There’s not drama, no thrashing of the car, everything is measured up perfectly and he doesn’t skip a beat behind the wheel.

Now, you need to remember that Kubica used to be one of the fastest drivers in F1 back in the day, before his crash. Admittedly, nothing was the…

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