Junkyard Gem: 1987 Toyota Camry LE Wagon


Plenty of cars make it past 200,000 miles these days, but 300,000 still remains quite the rare milestone. We just saw a junked ’91 Ford Festiva with better than 317,000 miles on the clock, but your best bet if you’re looking for super-high-mile junkyard cars involves seeking out 1980s machinery with badges from Mercedes-Benz, Honda or Toyota, with the occasional ex-taxi Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor thrown in for good measure. Here’s an early second-generation Camry wagon found in a Denver car graveyard with 322,110 miles on the odometer.

I’m sure I see plenty of 21st-century Camrys with more miles during my junkyard travels, but Toyota went to LCD-display odometers on these cars around the turn of the century and junkyards frown upon customers who hook up batteries to cars and hotwire the ignition switch to turn on the gauge cluster. I’ve found a V6/5-speed ’90 Camry with 300,501 miles, an ’86 Camry Liftback with 302,995 miles, and an ’85 Camry Liftback with 331,120 miles, plus many more first- and second-gen examples that made it deep into the 200,000s. I think the…

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