Check out this BMW M8 Competition in Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa


The BMW M8 Competition is a great car, especially when you realize that it’s more of a fast GT car than an all-out sports car. It’s not a perfect car but it is a special car, one that any owner will enjoy for years. However, one of its faults is a lack of special colors.

There’s a Motegi Red and a Frozen Bluestone Metallic but they’re not really stellar color options. Thankfully, that’s where BMW’s Individual program comes in and can make the M8 look properly special. Such as this 1-of-1 Rosso Corsa BMW M8 Competition in America.

BMW M8 Rosso Corsa 01 830x623

If you’re not familiar, Rosso Corsa is a Ferrari color and, in Italian, translates to “racing red”. It’s also a perfect shade of red for an expensive, high-performance machine like the M8 Comp. Admittedly, it looks better on a Ferrari but that’s also because most Ferraris are prettier than the M8. That’s not a knock on the M8 but praise for Ferraris.

In this video, we get to take a tour through this Rosso Corrsa BMW M8 Competition and it’s a stunner. The bright red, contrasted with its black accents and carbon fiber bits,…

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VIDEO: Check out this BMW M8 Competition in Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa

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